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Gavin turned 1 on Tuesday (August 11th). We had a small family party and a cute little Sesame Street cake. Like all 1 year olds, he had no idea what was going on. He was just enjoying all the attention he was getting. For once he was in the spotlight instead of his big brother Tyler. His big feat for the day was taking 5 unassisted steps. He'll be on his way to walking soon. As for presents, Tyler enjoyed opening most of them for Gavin. I hope he realizes that this generosity on Gavin's part won't last long. When it came time for the cake Gavin didn't hesitate. He dove right in and started eating. That's my boy! Loves food! He wasn't very messy, so a few helping hands took care of that. Well Happy Birthday Gavin! We're glad you joined our family 1 year ago! We love you!

Opening a few presents...

Eating Cake...I realize these loaded in the opposite order that I wanted. I'm just too lazy to switch them around =)

A clean Gavin, Tyler, Grandma and Grandpa Walker... we missed you Grandma and Grandpa Hardy!

A little Tyler too!

Tyler's Silly Belly

My sister Tara is pregnant! There I said it. If you didn't know, now you do, and I'm sorry you didn't hear it from her. Whew! Now Tyler is obsessed with big bellies and babies in his tummy. When I was pregnant with Gavin he was still a little young to understand what that meant. He loves my sister Tara and is very excited for her new baby and his new cousin to arrive. So excited in fact that he wants to always pretend like he is pregnant. Recently he has been stuffing either his "Neigh" (his small stuffed horse) or his "Baa" (you guessed it a small stuffed lamb) into his shirt and walking around all day long. He gets very upset if I try to get him to take them out. Here a re a few pictures to document this amusing stage in his life. I also threw in a couple of cute pics of Gavin. I just couldn't resist. the cucumber was Brandon's idea of a good teething toy. Gavin seemed to enjoy it... who knew?!

Mom, see my big belly?!

What?! you want me to take my stuffed animals out? NOOOO!!!!!!

Yum! I like cucumbers!

Go ahead. try and take it away from me! Grrrrr!

A buzz and a 1st haircut

All summer Brandon has been saying he wanted to buzz Tyler's hair. I kept saying no, no, no, but finally relented and let him do it. I thought it would be no big deal. It would grow back. Right?! Well, now my poor baby looks like a cancer patient or like he walked right out of Auschwitz. He doesn't seem to mind though. While his hair was falling all around him he kept yelling, "catch it! Catch it!:. He didn't want to lose any of it. He didn't seem to mind that it wasn't on his head any more, he just didn't want it flying away in the wind. I, on the other hand, wanted to catch it all and glue it back on his head. For now I will bite my tongue and pray that it grows back quickly. It's been over a month and there has been little progress in that area.


During...doesn't he look thrilled?! I'm silently crying in the background.

the piles of hair he wanted to save

Tyler trying to grab the hair and put it back on his head for mommy.

A few days later... doesn't he look a little better and a little older too!

On a better note. Gavin got his FIRST haircut on the same day. No way was I letting Brandon do it, so My sister and cousin, and I took him to Shear Madness. They do a really good job and the kids are entertained by DVD's and the cute little cars they get to sit in while they get their hair cut. I miss his little curls. It always amazes me how they grow up right before my eyes with just a couple snips of the scissors.

Gavin before the big cut

Look at all those curls!

After the cut, but before the faux-hawk

Yeah we're done! Everybody clap their hands!

Gavin looking cute and all grown up.